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Press Contact: Antonio Cortez | Executive Director
214.760.1775 |
Aspen | Dallas | Houston | Vail
Christopher Martin Gallery | Dallas
Christopher Martin Gallery | Dallas
proudly presents a solo exhibition for abstract artist
In Exhibition:
From February 9th to March 10th, 2022
Dallas, TX. January 7, 2022 — Christopher Martin Gallery of Dallas presents to the Dallas Art
community the abstract works of Jeff Muhs. The exhibition, titled BLUEJACKET JOURNALS,
features Muhs' most recent abstract paintings in the gallery's new wing.
Jeff Muhs exploits and explores natural physical processes such as optics, chaos, gravity, and
fluid dynamics in his paintings. By manipulating these processes, Muhs creates dynamic
abstract compositions, using a highly gestural application of medium where many paintings
occupy the same canvas plane. In his unique approach, Muhs uses improvised brushes to
apply black oil paint over a highly prepared surface, thus creating a confident realm of gestural
expression with a polished quality. The color fields that Muhs uses next conquer the
background's chaos with the quiet presence of color. As the turbulence ceases, new visuals
emerge, thus revealing the true beauty of the work. Mastering observation, chance, and
intention, Muhs creates a pure abstract landscape, one that captures the infinite conceptual
possibilities of the interaction of matter in a natural setting. 'Bluejacket Journals' refers to a
hypothesized figure of a seafaring person, relating his life experiences on the water in a visual
"For me, as someone who has spent a large part of my life on or near the water, my work has
always been heavily influenced by this experience. The paintings are less "abstract" and more
'Abstractions' of my visual experience of the land and seascape and related atmospheric
phenomena. Starting as a more literal painter of the landscape, over time, I have distilled what is
my interest in the subject into its most basic elements. Light, Color, Space." - Jeff Muhs
"BLUEJACKET JOURNALS" will be displayed at Christopher Martin Gallery at 1533 Dragon
Street from February 9 – March 10. An opening reception will be held on Friday, February 11,
from 5 - 8 PM. The New Christopher Martin Gallery is open Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM -
6 PM. For more information, please get in touch with the gallery at +1 (214) 760-1775 or
About Jeff Muhs (b.1966)
'My art strives to reveal the true nature of our world and ourselves. Expressed
through aesthetic form and mastery of technique, I seek artistic truth.’ - Jeff
Jeff Muhs is a contemporary American artist known for both his paintings and
sculptures. His compositions often suggest natural, atmospheric, or geological
processes. The artist’s practice includes expressive abstractions based on the
Long Island landscape. Born on June 24, 1966 in Southampton, NY, his father
was a sculptor who taught Muhs wood carving at a young age. He received his
BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1988. Muhs is largely
known for his work as a painter, and exhibited in galleries, collections and
museums nationwide.
Continually inspired by the light and water and horizon that surround him, his
painting has undergone an evolution from its beginnings of literal depictions of
his environment, a journey of synthesis and simplification, roughly paralleling the
history of twentieth century art. Muhs explains: “My father was a hunting and
fishing guide, so I was always out on the water with him, sunrise, sunset, my
whole life. So this natural area became the inspiration for me, artistically.” The
inspiration remains consistent, but the works are reduced to the point of
abstraction, with a modernist touch.
The artist’s works are held in the collections of the Guild Hall Museum in East
Hampton, NY, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the collection of
Beth Rudin DeWoody, among others. Muhs continues to work from his studio in
Southampton, NY. 2021 ‘The Uncanny Valley’ Guild Hall Museum, East
Hampton. NY was his latest Museum Exhibition in 2021.
Aspen | Dallas | Houston | Vail
Christopher Martin Gallery | Dallas
About Christopher Martin Galleries
Founded 27 years ago in Dallas, Christopher Martin Gallery has created the perfect atmosphere to showcase
the breadth of Christopher Martin's work in media such as acrylic, canvas and limited edition prints. Presently
the gallery is located in the Dallas Design District in a recently renovated 9,000 square foot space: 1531-33
Dragon Street. Martin maintained his studio in Dallas for many years. In 2010, Martin moved his studio to Aspen
and opened his second gallery. The Aspen gallery quickly became the staple for a roaster of seasoned and new
collectors. The Aspen Gallery is located at 525 E. Cooper Avenue in the heart of Aspen downtown.
In 2015, Antonio Cortez, a Harvard graduate, seasoned art advisor, curator, and fine arts administrator, was
appointed Executive Director to the Christopher Martin Galleries. In his leadership capacity, Cortez has
managed and overseen the galleries' growth and expansion and has created experiences that serve the needs
of a growing sophisticated art audience. From 2015 to 2018, the gallery operated a location on the historic
Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. In 2017 Cortez served as the Director of the Santa Gallery Association. From
October 2018 to August 2019, the gallery operated a 10-month Pop-Up Gallery on Madison Avenue in
Manhattan, NY. In December 2021, Christopher Martin Galleries expanded to Vail, CO and in Houston, TX in
January 2022. The two newly minted locations are already making their mark with national profile collectors and
working on off location experiences and collaborations to expand their reach.
With the teams at each gallery, the galleries nurture relationships with seasoned collectors and assist new
buyers in the process of starting their collections. The teams also work closely with accredited designers and
art advisors for projects in several U.S. cities and manage the creation of site-specific commissioned artworks
for select clients. Over the years, the gallery has shown regularly at several art fairs, namely Art Hamptons, Art
Aspen, Art Wynwood, SOFA Chicago, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Scope, and Context Art Miami. I
About The New Christopher Martin Gallery | Dallas
In the Fall of 2019, the gallery expanded its Dallas location to a total of 9,000 sqft, launching a new program to
present concurrent exhibitions by contemporary artists working in painting, sculpture, and photography. The
Dallas Gallery proudly started this new direction during the 2019 Holiday Season by expanding its roster to 24
contemporary artists. Curated by Executive Director Antonio Cortez, the gallery opened four concurrent
exhibitions. VENICE featured the exquisite work of David Middlebrook and Christopher Martin on a reprise of
their show during the 55th Venice Biennale. The detailed paintings of Ian Kimmerly and the hyperrealist
photography of Ysabel Lemay were showcased in MILIEU. WOMEN IN ABSTRACTION presented the work of
painters Liz Barber, Melissa Herrington, Sharon Paster, and Monica Perez. Finally, RODEO introduced
photographer Steve Wrubel's latest body of work. For 2022, The New Dallas Gallery will continue to develop a
new rotating program for artists working in a variety of media and tailored to the Dallas collector's base and
audiences. To this end, the gallery will host concurrent exhibitions for artists that incessantly push the envelope
with renewed forms of expression, as Martin continues to do in his practice. The resulting synergy among these
focused practices will be the seminal force to develop the artists' careers and expand their collectors base.
Exhibitions for Steve Wrubel, Jeff Muhs, Charlie Bluett, Collazo Collection, Melissa Herrington, Ian Kimmerly,
Kinga Czerska, Jean-Paul Khabbaz, Paul Bloch, Tricia Strickfadden, Monica Perez, Amber Goldhammer,
Margaret Juul, Eric Von Seibert, Miki, Isabelle Van Zeijl, Ysabel LeMay, Mital Patel, David Middlebrook, Michael
End Sirvet, Robert Farber, Chad Kleitsch, Brandon Reese, and Salvador Dali.
Aspen | Dallas | Houston | Vail
Christopher Martin Gallery | Dallas
Painting: Christopher Martin, Amber Goldhammer, Liz Barber, Melissa Herrington, Charlie Bluett, Ian
Kimmerly, Kinga Czerska, Jeff Muhs, and Monica Perez
Sculpture: Paul Bloch, Jim Keller, David Middlebrook, Brandon Reese, Michael Enn Sirvet, Miki
Photography: Steve Wrubel, Chad Kleitsch, Ysabel Lemay, Isabelle Van Zeijl, Mital Patel, and Robert
Mixed Media: The Collazo Collection, Tricia Strickfadden, Jean-Paul Khabbaz, and Eric Von Seibert
Christopher Martin | Lead Artist & Founder
Antonio Cortez | Executive Director
Glenn Martin | Director of Operations
Bob Johnson | General Manager
1533 Dragon Street | Dallas, TX 75207
214.760.1775 | Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Kim Markham | Director of Commercial Sales
Shannon Graham | Associate Gallery Director
Eleanor Grindinger | Executive Assistant
Blake Kilgore | Texas Division Manager
Hughes Cowart | Dallas Studio Assistant
2625 Colquitt Street | Houston, TX 77098
346.330.9832 | Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Ally Ondarza | Gallery Director
Abigail Henningsen | Gallery Associate Director
525 E. Cooper Avenue | Aspen, CO 81611
970.925.7649 | open daily 10 am -7 pm
Tatum Dodd | Gallery Co-Director
Shayna Sterrett | Gallery Co-Director
Joey Mannetti | Colorado Division Manager
Hannah Hurt | Associate Studio Director
100 East Meadow Drive | Vail, CO 81657
970.376.7973 | open daily 10 am -7 pm
Kelsey Sutton | Gallery Director
Silas Carter | Gallery Associate

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